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The Changing Currency of Business Value


“Delivering value to the business” is not just the mantra of every IT Department – it is their raison d’etre. Yet often the Business may feel that their internal IT Department is too slow, often late or too expensive in delivering new systems and maintaining existing ones. Recent survey statistics on the amount of projects that end in failure confirm this [1]




Clearly, the Business feels that it is not getting value for money. There is a growing trend, known as Shadow IT, where the Business deliberately bypasses their internal IT department to engage directly with service suppliers in an effort to gain benefits more quickly. The provisioning of Cloud-based and “Software as a Service” models makes it very tempting for the Business to procure new applications. Yet often the IT department will end up having to manage the new service in terms of maintaining user access controls, backups of data, etc. It is too early for the demise of the IT department but there has been a loss of confidence and trust in the IT department’s ability to deliver business value.


What can the Business and IT do to address this perception? How can IT not only deliver more value to the business but also be seen to deliver more value?


This whitepaper examines why the quality of an end product or service often falls short of expectation and how the definition of business value changes currency at each delivery stage. This “value currency exchange” leaves the delivery open for loss of value to occur. The paper concludes with recommendations on how organisations can maximise the efficiency of their value currency exchange.


[1] Raconteur.


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