ChallengeCurve’s Paul Nelis broke a world record !!

ChallengeCurve’s Paul Nelis broke a world record !!

London-2017-paul3Well, the good news is that ChallengeCurve’s Paul Nelis managed to smash the previous world record for a runner in a monk costumer by 20 minutes!! The bad news is that someone else had the same idea as Paul and managed to do it just 4 mins faster. So no world record for Paul unfortunately.


Paul was running his 7th London marathon and to spice things up he decided to have a crack at the record for the world’s fastest monk to raise funds for the National Autistic Society. So on Sunday 23 April he lined up with over 40,000 other runners taking part in 37th London marathon.


Paul completed the course in a new personal best of 3 hours and 7 mins which was 20 minutes faster than the previous world record for running in a monk’s costume. Alas, another runner in a monk’s costume managed the course just 4 mins ahead of him.


“It’s not everyday you break a world record by 20 mins so I have to pleased with that. It was tough running in the costume as it got quite warm in the last 6 or 7 miles. I was completely knackered but the spectators were fantastic as always and I got lots of cheers so I just had to keep going. Thanks to all those who sponsored me.”


Paul is planning to run the Walled City Marathon, which is held in Derry, in June. So the monk’s costume might make another appearance ! In the meantime, there is still time to sponsor Paul for his achievement by clicking on the link: Virgin Money Giving.


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