Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

How prepared is your business to handle a major incident or disaster.


* Do you have a disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plan defined that can be activated within a short period of time?

* When was this disaster plan last reviewed and tested?

* Does it cover the full IT enterprise and business functions?


Defining a disaster recovery and continuity plan is not an easy task. It is not an activity that you perform once and leave on the shelf. A business continuity plan must be constantly reviewed against existing and new threats; it needs to be tested, role played and finally it needs to be communicated across the business with supporting training and information guides. This planning and preparation will pay dividends should you ever have to activate your continuity plan.


A business continuity plan is defined in layers. At the foundation layer is the identification of business critical components which are required, at a bare minimum, to run and operate the business. Each subsequent layer then defines the risks and various armour that can mitigate against these risks:


1. Critical Business Components Identification

What are the business service lines that are critical in maintaining customer services, revenue streams and regulatory requirements in the event of a disaster? What business functions and supporting IT systems are required to operate these service lines through a disaster period?


2. Threat Assessment

What would be the projected impact of potential threats to the business – natural disasters, terrorism, cyberattack, political stability, etc.?


3. Resilience Assessment (High Availability)

What type of automated resilience can be implemented to ensure a constant service is maintained for critical business processes and IT infrastructure during major disruption?


4. Recovery Approach (Disaster Recovery)

In the case of a disaster how can key business functions, IT systems and business data be recovered to enable operations to continue through the disaster without critical business loss?


At ChallengeCurve we have deep and broad experience from IT architecture, applications build/design through to business and IT operations. We understand the challenges to designing and building a disaster recovery plan.


We assist organisations to define, build, validate and test their disaster recovery approach. Our services include:

* DR review/health-check

* Defining disaster recovery requirements

* Mapping the disaster recovery requirements to measurable and auditable acceptance criteria

* Creating a disaster recovery test strategy and plan

* Managing and executing the disaster recovery test plan across the enterprise IT architecture and business applications


If you would like a copy of our Disaster Recovery white paper then please email info@ChallengeCurve.com or call us on +44 7943 809 333 to discuss how we can assist your DR plans.