Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Helping businesses to innovate and undertake transformations with confidence and with increased performance through:


* improved software business requirements analysis

* nimble quality assurance frameworks

* focussed testing balancing business benefit and risk


Our consultancy expertise is built upon deep and broad experience and knowledge acquired in helping blue chip companies and start-ups undertake complex, critical and challenging IT transformations.


We work with our clients, their teams and their partners collaboratively but we do not shy away from questioning to ensure that client goals are kept on track and are met.


We are passionate about quality and delivery success.


We commit to our clients that we will act with integrity, honesty and tenacity to help ensure the success of their business and IT goals.


We have six core principles that drive underpin our ethos and approach:

* Manage Effectiveness

* Drive Efficiency

* Enable Agility

* Ensure Integrity

* Practice Creativity

* Progress Empirically