Our Approach

Our Approach

Curve QA Overview

Curve QA is a dynamic QA and Testing operational approach that can be applied to any software delivery methodology, project size, organisation, geography or culture. The approach focuses on business risk and adapts to the current delivery demands and controlling parameters – time, cost, scope, risk and benefit.

The goal is to have a framework that can adapt to support organisations that need speed to innovate to win new business, to larger projects requiring full transparency and auditability to meet regulatory or risk compliance.


Curve QA Benefits

Benefits of a controlled quality process approach and implementation:

* Verifies that the business requirements are aligned to the business case
* Ensures that there is traceability of business requirements right through the full life-cycle
* Ensures that the project delivery is measured on the end quality of the delivered products
* Involves stakeholders and business users throughout the project to confirm quality is fit for purpose and business risks addressed
* Focus is on product delivery providing a nimble process, controlled by business scope, risk and benefit
* Provides a transparent and auditable process to management
* Provides information from which management can make informed decisions
* Enables quality issues and business risks to be identified early in the delivery life cycle