Project Health-Check

Project Health-Check

There is a 70% chance your business critical project is going to end in failure!  [1]


Once a project is underway most organisations track progress by time and budget – after all these are relatively easy to measure. However, other more valuable indicators can often be neglected and so organisations fail to see the early warning signs of impending delays, poor quality and difficult to maintain software. As a consequence the eventual delivery may fall short of business expectations and in 70% of cases has resulted in failure.


Is your project heading for failure?


Are you responsible for a critical project for which you want to ensure that you deliver real business value whilst mitigating risk? Our independent experts can spot the early signs and indicators that your project might have some serious issues later in the life-cycle. They can objectively determine the root cause behind these symptoms so that remedial steps may be taken whilst there is still time.


In the graphic below we have highlighted some of the more common symptoms which if left unresolved will manifest themselves as defects, flaws in the solution or cause project delays. The consequences of a late or poor quality project can, in turn, also impact upon the wider business operations and continued growth.




If you recognise any of these symptoms then now is the time to call us on +44 7943 809 333 or email to have a discussion or to arrange a free no obligations meeting.


We offer a fixed-price, time-boxed service to conduct a thorough review of your project that will help ensure yours is one of the successful 30%.


[1] Raconteur.